The Doorman

The door doesn’t move. 

Suddenly, the door swings out towards you, and a handsome man with a squarish jaw and dark hair steps forward.

He’s wearing a bright teal hoodie, which is probably the most unexpected thing you might expect from a cult’s doorman to be wearing, but you notice a lapel pin that features a seven-spoked wheel with an eye inside of it. 

“Everyone makes the same mistake, you have to pull the door, not push. I really should talk to management about changing the handle so it’s more obvious, or just putting the damn hinges on the other side. Regardless, sorry about that.” The doorman smiles warmly, and he continues in a cheery tone. “Welcome to the Order.  First time, am I right?”

You nod at the doorman, surprised by the friendliness. He’s totally not what you would expect as the guardian to the magical entrance to demon-worshipping cult. 

“Awesome, well welcome aboard!  My name is Rick. I know I’m not all goth or what you might expect for someone trying to summon the Seven Who Feed, but we’re really all about celebrating everyone’s unique strengths here, so they put me at the door and I also actually do the social media for the Order.  Wild, right?

“Anyway, I’ll shut up, but welcome to the Order!  So when you first get in there, make sure you stop by the Initiation table to pick up a name badge and you’ll agree to the rules. Rules maketh the person, and all that you know. 

“After you check in, you can pick up a Handbook that will tell you even more about the prophecy of The Doom, how to use Souls or Demonic Contracts, and the demons that we’re all trying to summon. There’s also a form that you can submit to ask a question to the Head Cultist, who runs the show. 

“Oh yeah, we’ve also got a Demonic Watercooler to hang out and meet other members of the Order, and there’s a big digital board that says ‘Demon Sightings’- you can’t miss it. There you can find any announcements, as well as information about the next Drawing of the Lots, which is how we decide where and when we’ll be trying to open a new portal.

“And there’s also some more exclusive rooms that you can get into once you’ve been a member for a while and tamed some demons. To be honest, I don’t know what really goes on in there, because I’ve still yet to tame my first demon because I’m always too busy here and on Twitter, you know? Do you follow us yet? @darkwheelNFT – you should definitely go follow us. I’ll follow you back! 

“Okay, I think that’s it!  If you have any questions, just let me know, or hit me up on Twitter and I’ll answer your questions there. You can also, like I said, ask the head cultist, who’s name also happens to be Rick – weird coincidence – once you get inside. 

“Any questions?”

You shake you head, realizing that this guy can talk all night. You decide you’ll head into the Order’s headquarters and find your way around, as it all seemed pretty intuitively labeled, at least. 

“Right on, well, enjoy yourself and let’s bring about The Doom, shall we?”

Rick – the doorman, not the head cultist – waves you in, and you walk into a dimly lit foyer. Giant black velvet curtains hang over the interior doorway, and you part them, and step into the Order of the Dark Wheel.

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