The Order of the Dark Wheel

Project Overview

Run on (H=N) and and, The Order of the Dark Wheel is an immersive, story-based NFT project by Rick Kitagawa.  Current public launch date is set as 9/18/21.

STORY: The Order of the Dark Wheel is a cult that is trying to summon the Seven Who Feed, seven evil gods with massive destructive powers who, when all summoned together, shall trigger a prophecy known as The Doom, which will end life in the universe as we know it.

NFT Collectors are able to choose a faction – Infiltrators, who are infiltrating the cult to save the world, or Cultists, who are actively trying to bring about The Doom. Regardless of faction/track, collectors are able to collect a new demon each week, whose attributes, description and backstory, and cost. Will the Infiltrators be able to save humanity by binding and capturing enough demons to prevent the Cultists from destroying everything? Or will the Cultists win out, effectively ending the world? 

HOW IT WORKS: The general premise is that every Friday/Saturday, a new demon NFT will be released on the open market via H=N, with a timed, max edition size of 666. There will also be a 1/1 unique NFT variant released on in a highest bid auction running for 2 hours. The time/date/aspect of the demon NFT will be determined by a livestream hosted in theme on the Sunday prior.

Most information, as well as the most active links, will occur on the Order’s Discord server.

As the project grows, Items will be added in as well as the ability to combine/alter existing demons.  Eventually, the project will reach full maturity, and shall end once The Doom is successfully initiated or broken forever.

To read the full roadmap/timeline of the project with much more details, please go here.

Otherwise, if you’re interested in joining the Order of the Dark Wheel, start your journey here.