The definitive guide to demons who have entered our world from the Abyssal Void.

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Power level key
Sub-Creeper: weakest, can be dispatched by a single human
Creeper: can be usually killed by a skilled single human
Nightmare: usually takes a coordinated attack by multiple skilled/lucky humans
Terror: usually requires armed forces response
Catastrophe: will probably destroy multiple cities before being stopped
God: unseen, likely continent-destroying power

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Demon NameImagePrimary AlignmentSecondary AlignmentsPower LevelEdition SizeFind it on the blockchain
Dimensional Shifter None None Sub-Creeper 19 OBJKT
Gill Lord - Evil Angler Darkness Unique Creeper 1 OBJKT
Gill Lord - Ravaging Rainbow Darkness Unique Creeper 1 Kalamint
Gill Lord - Classic Evil Darkness None Creeper 27 OBJKT
Freakshow the Acolyte of Pain Pain Madness, Unique Creeper 1 Kalamint
Acolyte of Pain Pain None Creeper 3 OBJKT
Gutripper Shrimp Rot None Creeper 3 OBJKT
Skullface the Gutripper Shrimp Rot Bone, Unique Creeper 1 Kalamint
Impaler Pain Flesh Terror 4 OBJKT
Betty, Queen of the Deadfellaz Rot Necromancer, Unique Nightmare 1 Kalamint
Putrator the Impaler Pain Flesh, Rot, Unique Terror 1 Kalamint
Black Claw the Minor Vampire Blood Bone, Darkness, Unique Creeper 1 OBJKT
Minor Vampire Blood None Creeper 1 OBJKT
Flying Leech Blood None Creeper 6 OBJKT
Feely Feels the Flying Leech Blood Flesh, Unique Creeper 1 Kalamint
Shar-Tak the Loathful Darkness Rot, Necromancer, Unique Nightmare 1 Kalamint
Fungality the Fleshling Flesh Rot, Unique Creeper 1 Kalamint
Sightless the Fleshling Flesh Pain, Unique Creeper 1 OBJKT
Fleshling Flesh None Creeper 4 OBJKT
Sankyaku Madness None Creeper 7 OBJKT
Demonic Imp None None Sub-Creeper 666 OBJKT
The Fighter Madness Unique, OBJKT4OBJKT Creeper 100 OBJKT
One-Eye, the Sankyaku Madness Pain Creeper 1 OBJKT