The doctor adjusts her glasses.

“We totally understand, I know that was a lot of ask, especially in that we just met. 

“Well, to give you more information, there is an ancient prophecy that has been found in various cultures around the world that speak of something only known as The Doom. It is unclear whether or not The Doom is a being, or an event, but regardless if The Doom happens, all life in the universe will go extinct.

“The Doom is prophesied to be summoned, or to occur, whatever, when all seven of the dark gods that the Order of the Dark Wheel are simultaneously summoned. Each of these ‘Seven Who Feed,’ as they call them, are powerful enough to bring ruin to entire countries, but together no one would survive. 

“I know a lot rests on this, but take heart there are other brave heroes like yourself who are willing to infiltrate the cult on humanity’s behalf, so you will not be alone. We’ve already got some other brave souls who have infiltrated the Order. They identify themselves by a Blue Skull. I wish I could give you more details, as I don’t know if that’s a place or some iconography, but keep your eyes peeled and you’ll meet others who can help you on your quest. 

“I know that this can be a difficult decision, so please feel free to take as much time as you need, but here is the last known address of the Order of the Dark Wheel. If you choose to help us, you’ll find them there.

“Thank you, and know that humanity can always use heroes like we hope you’ll choose to be.”

Dr. Leikauf places a small piece of paper into your hand. On it is an address.

Visit this address.