“Amazing!” The doctor clasps her hands and smiles brightly.

“I knew you had that vibe of a hero when you walked in the door!

“Sadly, we’ve all been recognized by the Order as direct opposition to their cause, but our information gathering has shown us that something big is on the horizon. We need to know what they’re planning so we can stop it.

“And, while I know this is a lot to ask, we want you to find a way to join the cult and report back to us from within. 

“We won’t be sending you directly into harm’s way, and we’ll teach you how to cast a spell of binding that will look like you’re taming the demon when you’ll really be binding it to your will. Binding demons does require Tezos though, so if that’s something you’d be willing to do, you’ll need to have a Tezos-friendly cryptocurrency wallet like Kukai or Temple wallet. 

“Alternatively, while we’d love for you to go out and capture demons right away, we’d love for you to just feed us information.

“So, if you want to learn more about the demons and need help getting started with Tezos, you can read more about all of that here.

“I know that’s not a lot of information, but this is the one time that the cult’s organizational aptitude comes in handy – I’m sure once you join you’ll learn all about their unique, tokenized currency they are rumored to trade in, when and where demons will be summoned, and the future plans of the Order.

“Thank you again for your bravery and dedication. Here are the instructions, as best we could ascertain, on joining the Order of the Dark Wheel. Oh, and look for cultists having to do with a Blue Skull. We’re not sure exactly what they mean by that, but there are other brave souls who were willing to infiltrate the cult, and we’ve heard they use a Blue Skull to identify themselves.  Find them and help save the world. Good luck!” 

A small scrap of paper is placed in your hand. On it is an address.

Visit this address